Join us this September, 2022 for Natural Fibre Connect (NFC) Conference. 

Natural Fibre Connect

September 7-9, 2022

SFA Conference

September 2023

About The Conference


With one-third of Mongolia’s population dependent on the cashmere industry, and the stability of the sector in China and Mongolia being threatened by decreasing prices, higher demand, and environmental degradation, committing to better practice is urgent and essential.

Both the Virtual and Ulaanbaatar Conferences will explore the challenges facing the cashmere sector in China and Mongolia as well as solutions for a better – more sustainable – path forward. Through live speaker sessions and a host of on demand videos recorded by stakeholders along the entire cashmere supply chain, we will tackle four key themes; Sustainable Design, Animal Welfare, Environment, and Herder Livelihoods.


Designing for Sustainability
Imrpoving Animal Welfare
Protecting the Environment & Biodiversity
Safeguarding Herder Livelihoods

What is the sfa?

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a more responsible cashmere sector.  It was founded in 2015 by individuals passionate about preserving the rangelands of Mongolia and safeguarding the livelihoods of the nomadic herding families who live there.

Our UK and Mongolia teams have successfully established the first international cashmere standard, with a Chain of Custody and three Codes of Practice.  The SFA Cashmere Standard is based on a continuous improvement model and is designed to establish better practice in animal welface, rangeland management and clean fibre processing.


Why Attend?





Learn About How to Become A Speaker

We have several opportunities for independent, panel, keynote, and recorded speaker sessions at the Virtual conference and the Ulaanbaatar Conference.  Proposals for speaker sessions will be accepted through August 5, 2021 and must cover a topic relevant to creating a more sustainable cashmere industry or addressing the challenges the industry is facing. Live speaker sessions must not be promotional. For more information, or to submit a proposal to become a speaker, please contact Sarah Krueger:

Learn About Sponsorships

Companies and organisations have the opportunity to sponsor either the Virtual or Ulaanbaatar conferences. Both options give sponsors a variety of marketing and brand exposure benefits.

SFA Biodiversity & LIVELIHOOD fund

As part of the September conference, the SFA will be launching its new Biodiversity & Livelihood Fund with the mission to protect the unique plants and animals native to Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, China, and to support programmes designed to improve herder livelihoods. The fund will help aid the creation of new projects in targeted regions that will restore rangelands, bring back biodiversity, as well as expand on our training and educational programmes to bring more awareness to sustainable practices.