Companies and organisations have the opportunity to sponsor the Virtual Conference and Expo this September to benefit from added exposure at the event as well as other marketing and branding opportunities. 

For questions about sponsorship – or to register your interest – please contact Sarah Krueger at sarah.krueger@sustainablefibre.org. 

Sponsoring the Virtual Conference


Sponsors and partners of the virtual conference will receive a variety of marketing and brand exposure benefits. A virtual expo booth and complimentary tickets to the live event are included with all sponsorship packages. Your logo will be featured in the main lobby and your expo booth will be given a primary spot in the virtual exhibition hall. 




Choose your Sponsorship Level

Tickets to virtual event

Virtual booth at conference*

Brand visibility on SFA Event Site for 1 year

Logo on virtual platform

Backlinks to company website

Logo in SFA monthly Newsletter

Logo and bio on virtual pltform

Social Media promotion with Infographic

Mention from Chariman at start of conference

Article of choice promoted on SFA Social Media and monthly newsletter

Promotion at in person China & Mongolia events in printed materials

Video interview on SFA social channels and virtual platform

Joint thought leadership article with SFA on topic of choice

Keynote Speaker Opportunity

Press release on conference participation



8 Tickets



5 Tickets



3 Tickets



2 Tickets



1 Ticket

Virtual Exhibition Booths

All five levels of sponsorship include a virtual exhibition booth and option to promote a product or service. The exhibition hall and product page will be open to guests for one month from September 14 to October 14, 2021. Booths are fully customizable and allow you to showcase your brand, link to your website, share materials and information, and arrange meetings with other exhibitors and conference guests. 

Sponsoring the Mongolia Conference


There are two options for companies and organisations interested in sponsoring the Mongolia event including becoming a partner of the event and becoming an individual award sponsor. Both options provide valuable marketing opportunities and brand exposure for your company.


Partner of the Event & Award Sponsor

Partners of the Ulaanbaatar Conference will benefit form a wide variety of online and in-person promotion including visibility on the SFA website, virtual event platform, social media channels, and at the awards dinner – all helping align your brand with missions in biodiversity, animal welfare, environmental preservation, and herder livelihood protection. 

Award Sponsors may choose between several award categories according to what aligns with their brand mission. Sponsors will receive information and photos of the winner of the award. 




Herder or processor award in your company’s name given at the awards dinner

Photo and information of the winner of your company’s award to be used on your website and social media

Social media post on the SFA’s channels about the award that your company sponsored and the winner of it

Introduction at start of conference

Opportunity to speak at the conference (optional)

Logo & company bio in printed materials

Poster spotlight at awards dinner

Targeted email marketing (company spotlight) to Mongolian and/or Chinese processors, manufacturers, and brands that are signed up to the SFA newsletter

Logo promoted in SFA monthly bulletin

Opportunity to host a pre-recorded video on the virtual event platform

Expo booth for your company on the virtual event platform (hosted for 1-month)

Logo with backlinks to your website featured on the SFA website for 1 year



Award Sponsor

Price Dependant on Award

Sustainability Awards Sponsorship

Companies may choose to sponsor individual awards for herders in Mongolia, the winner of which will be chosen by an appointed Sustainability Awards Committee. Sponsors may choose the specific award they want to sponsor according to what aligns with their company mission. 

For more information on which sustainability award categories are still available for sponsorship, please contact Sarah Krueger at sarah.krueger@sustainablefibre.org.

Award Categories

Best Producer Organisation for Quality Improvement

Best Producer Organisation for Animal Welfare

Best Producer Organisation for Land Management

Best Herder Trainer

Best Female Herder

Best Young Herder