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September 14 – October 14, 2021

Reserve your virtual expo booth by August 16. If you have questions, please contact Sarah Krueger at
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About The International Cashmere Expo

The SFA and it’s partners are hosting the International Cashmere Expo as part of the Sustainability in the Cashmere Sector virtual conference this September. The Expo will bring together brands, manufacturers, processors and other organisations invested in the cashmere supply chain.  Reserving a booth allows your company to market themselves to the rest of the industry, emerging designers, and key journalists in the sustainable fashion space. Booths are fully customisable and easy to create. Those reserving a booth will also be able to showcase a specific project in the platform’s ‘Projects’ page.

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Setting up your Booth Booths can be reserved for £1,000 through the button below. Once purchased, you will receive a custom link to access your booth set up page. The process is quick and easy, and the SFA is available to assist in setup. The booth can feature custom banners, images or video as well as host as many files as you wish to share. Customise how you want visitors to connect with you — through email, scheduled meetings, or live chats. You will be able to read reports on your booths performance throughout the month, including who visited and when.
Featuring a Project Reserving a booth allows you to highlight a specific project or campaign in the virtual platform’s ‘Projects’ page. Attendees will be able to click on your project to see more details, images or video, and then will have the option to link back to your expo booth to learn more or get in touch. The Projects page is a perfect space for the industry to share the progress it is making towards creating a more responsible cashmere sector as well as for brands to promote the work they are doing to other industry stakeholders and key media.